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For people, not profit. Welcome to Kildare Credit Union. Kildare Credit Union has been serving the people of Kildare for 55 years. It has over 15,500 members with savings in excess of €70 million.

A Brief History

Kildare Credit Union

Kildare Credit Union was formed at a public meeting in St. Conleth's Hall Kildare on the 29th June 1967. The office of the Credit Union was located in Áras Mhuire with opening hours from 8pm to 9.30pm each Friday. Soon after the office moved to a rented premises on Bride Street which was subsequently bought, renovated and extended.

This new office was opened in 1980 and was named 'Rea House' after Colonel William Rea who presided over the inaugural meeting and was the first president of Kildare Credit Union.

With the growth of the town in the late 1990s, it was clear that a bigger premises were needed. Two adjoining properties were purchased and Rea House was demolished. The office moved to temporary premises on Station Road while construction was carried out.

During construction part of the old defensive wall around Kildare was discovered. This was preserved and can still be seen through glass panels in the floor at the side entrance to the building.

The present building was officially opened by President Mary McAleese in October 2000.

In June 2016, the Credit Unions of Kilcullen and Narraghmore Parish merged with Kildare Credit Union.

Why volunteer at Kildare Credit Union?

Kildare Credit Union relies considerably on the enthusiasm, commitment and integrity of its volunteers.

Why volunteer at Kildare Credit Union?

In the spirit of cooperation, Kildare Credit Union has a team of volunteers who help to manage the Credit Union. We always welcome new volunteers and wish to invite anyone who is interested in volunteering to get in touch with us. Volunteering at Kildare Credit Union will not only benefit the Credit Union as a business, but you will also gain personal and professional experience.

While skills and relevant qualifications are important to the Credit Union, volunteers with life skills are equally important as they can be a rich source of inspiration. To ensure the credit union remains relevant to the local community a mix of backgrounds and walks of life are required.

Did you know?

Some useful information for our Members

Your savings with Kildare Credit Union are protected up to €12,700 by the Irish League of Credit Union's Savings Protection Scheme. Your savings are also covered up to €100,000 by the Deposit Guarantee Scheme.

Your loan with Kildare Credit Union is usually covered automatically by Loan Protection Insurance at no additional cost. Loans outstanding at the time of death are paid off in full providing the deceased met eligibility conditions when granting the loan.

You can make a nomination on your account. A nomination can be described as a ‘mini-will’. See our nominations page for more details.