Save With Your Credit Union

Whether you’re saving for something in the future or just for a ‘rainy day’, regular saving is a good idea. Regular saving with your credit union is an even better idea.

Benefits of Saving With Us

You’re not just a customer, you’re a member of a successful financial co-operative

Savings balances available to you to withdraw on demand.

Surplus funds are returned to the members.

Nomination facility available to members.

Free life cover on saving up to €12,700.

There are no transaction charges or fees.

Standing order facility available for your convenience.

Manage your finances with our online services.

Become a shareholder of our credit union.

Savings with credit unions are known as shares and each member of Kildare Credit Union is a shareholder.

Savings as shares and deposits with Kildare Credit Union are a better way to save. With Kildare Credit Union, you are not just another customer but a member with a say in the operation of the Credit Union. Savings of up to €12,700 are protected by the Irish League of Credit Unions Savings Protection Scheme and also covered up to €100,000 by the Deposit Guarantee Scheme. A Deposit Guarantee information sheet is available here. At the end of the financial year surplus funds remaining after operating costs are divided amongst members as a dividend on shares.

Please note

Please note

All Credit Union share dividend and deposit interest paid to members (including children) will be paid net of DIRT, with the exception of dividend or interest paid to members who are exempt from DIRT. The only members who can be exempt are:

  • Members aged over 65 whose total income is less that the relevant limit, currently €18,000 for an individual and €36,000 for a married couple. For married couples, only one of the spouses needs to be over 65. To avail of this exception, you must sign a self-declaration form DE1. This is a declaration that you (or your spouse) are aged over 65 and that your total income is less than the relevant limit. The form is available in the office or can be downloaded below.
  • Members who are permanently incapacitated. Such members should either contact their local Revenue Commissioners office directly or contact a service body such as the Irish Wheelchair Association. Credit unions have no role in approving the exemption in these cases.

Still have questions?

See if they're answered in our FAQs below

Every member can save up to €40,000.

Your savings with Kildare Credit Union are protected up to €12,700 by the Irish League of Credit Union's Savings Protection Scheme. Your savings are also covered up to €100,000 by the Deposit Guarantee Scheme.

Our limit on cash available at the counter is €1,000 but there is no limit on transferring funds directly into your bank account. It is important to note that funds transferred before 1.30pm will arrive in your account the same day by close of business.

Yes, you can have your wages and any other source of income paid directly into your credit union account.

Not anymore! From October 1st 2023, the Board of Directors have removed the monthly lodgement limit. Lodgements up to the €40,000 savings limit will be accepted.